Hey hey hey!

Just dropping a quick news/blog/journal/whatever to show you guys a preview of the cover for issue 14:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Most probably tomorrow (Friday 9th) I’m going to do a live stream of the coloring of this cover around 6 or 7PM (Central Time), so you are all invited to come around and share a thought or two.

By the way:

I finally have Project Wonderful running here. There are 7 spots available for you to advertise. One tall on the right side of your screens, and 6 on the footer of the page.

And! The Archive is almost ready! I’m leaving the comments open there (but you can comment about that here as well) so you can give me your suggestions about it, if you have another idea of how should it be organized or if you want me to add another category (like first apperances).

That’s it for me know, stay tuned for futher news (and coming this Sunday, and all Sundays: “Killing Boredom”, posts about some weird/fun stuff I find on the internerd while wandering around).