Hello there!

I recently “subscribed” (if that’s the term) to Top Web Comics, which is this online ranking system for (well, duh) web-comics.

As you could see, there’s a “header” button on top of this blog entry and a smaller one on the right side of your screen that says “Vote for Wyliman“. And that’s the favor I want to ask you, please vote for the comic. It’s really easy, you don’t even need to register, you just need to answer one quick “question” and that’s it! Your vote is in and you can vote again in 24 hours (so you can vote every time a new page is up).

Aaaand, that’s not all, starting next Tuesday (the 20th), daily incentives will start to show up after you vote. And what those incentives shall be?: Teasers for the next page! Every time you vote, you’ll get as an incentive one panel of the next page (don’t worry, I’ll remove texts or key points so it doesn’t spoil you the next page). And probably on weekends I’ll put a sketch, or the thumbnails of the pages from my sketchbook, or anything!

So, please, please, please, vote for the comic, every bit counts and keeps it going and I really appreciate it.



PS: By the way, have you seen I have a Sam & Max ad on the right side of the screen? How cool is that?