Hey there!

I’m posting this a bit “earlier” because I don’t think I’ll be able to do it later on today… or something.

Anyway, before our site, picture and video of the week, I want to thank everyone that has come around and enjoyed the site, from the readers from deviantArt, to new ones, I really appreciate it. Also, thank you very much for all the ones that have voted for the comic. Seems it’s bringing new attention to it, so that’s great! And remember, you can vote every 24 hours, so please do, it helps a lot! And remember #2: Starting this Tuesday (the 20th) every time you vote, you’ll get a teaser panel of the next page.

Anyway, with nothing else to report:

For this week website, and in some sort of “alternative” music theme I just noticed: Madame Blavatsky Overdrive . I just can’t stop spreading the word about this band. They’re a progressive pop band from Oakland, CA. The best part? They are giving all their music for free. The have one LP out (Idiot Jones Jones Will Have His Day, which is a GREAT album) and 4 (of 5) EPs they been putting out monthly. I fail for words trying to descrive my love for their music, all I can do is tell you and hope you’ll like them as well.

I can die happy now.

And I love you.

And I love you.

And, related to the “posting this early”; Early to Bed by Morphine:

See you all week behind the panels and next week for more Killing Boredom.