Not much to report again this week. I wanted to open the “extras” section sometime this week but I had a ton of work to do, hopefully, I’ll have it ready sometime next week. Anyway, as a bit of news, I might start doing live casts to talk about comics and show you how I work and whatnot. I still need to figure out the details, but hey, might be interesting. And check back the blog tomorrow for a special “Día de Muertos” one page comic I have for you.

Now to this week’s website, picture and video:

Machinarium: I know squat about the history of the people that developed this game, actually, I was just introduced to it yesterday by my good friend Dirk. The only thing I know is that’s a really fun and awesome looking game. You can play the demo for free on the website. I hope this game and guys go a long road on video games.

This is true:



And FINALLY after 4 weeks, a Primus video!

See you behind the panels during the week, and next week for more Killing Boredom.