It’s 4 in the morning and, what do I do at this hour? I do the design of the next trade paper back for the comic (which won’t see the light of day until mid April, early May).

Anyway, the picture of Wyliman might not be the final one (and it still needs to be colored), but I kinda like that one, but I’m happy with the color for this book (and yeah, the main idea of the collection of TPBs is that they all will have the same design, the color and the picture are the only thing that’ll change, and of course, the title).

This one will collect issues 11 to 20, plus some nifty extras (hopefully).

So here’s the preview (both in Spanish and English):


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Click para Agrandar


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The title was kindly given (read: I stole it from him, but then I let him know and he gave it his blessing) by my good friend Victor “Cachi” de Anda.

Now: bed time.