Hello there!



So, this is my half of the story about this picture (the first half is HERE)
Sean drew and colored the picture, and I got to ink it, which was a lot of fun to. I’m not used to ink someone elses work, but this was particularly fun since with the characters, it was close home.
Anyway, I’m supposed to tell you what Sean and I have planned for this poster:
We’re going to sell it! Well, we’re going to sell prints of it that is (it’s an 8.5x11in print, in glossy paper and all that fancyness).

There’s two options for it:

You can buy a regular print for just $10 or
You can buy a “limited edition” (it’s limited because we’re not doing too many of them in the first batch of prints, but if we get a lot of pre-orders of them, we’ll produce more, don’t worry) signed and sketched by BOTH of us for just only $15.
The best part of this deal is the the shipping costs are already considered in those prices! How cool is that?

Anyway, we’re still waiting for the printer to send Sean the first batch of copies, and then I’ll wait for him to send me the signed/sketched ones so I can do the same with them.

And, we’re taking preorders for the prints right now! Just send me or Sean an e-mail saying which type of print you’d like to buy (especially if you want the signed and sketched one, so we know how many of those we need to separate).

And soon enough, we’ll be taking actual orders from both of our websites.


PS: Posting on a Saturday, this is new…