Hello there!

Nothing really to report this time, or at least nothing I can talk about right now.

Oh! oh! I do have one: I’m going to start doing, for now, weekly live streams on my (F)U-Stream channel. I’m still not sure the exact hour the streams are going to be (but I’m guessing they’ll start at 7PM Central time), but, they are going to be on Wednesday. I’ll be doing one in Spanish and one in English, and if they don’t take too much time, hopefully I’ll do both each Wednesday, but for now, next Wednesday it’s going to be in Spanish and in two weeks in English. Still, you can go to any of those just to see me draw.

Ok, now with our Sunday business:

Hotel Fred: If you are unfamiliar with Mr. Roger Langridge, you don’t know how sorry I feel for you, BUT, you have the chance NOW to fix this problem. I can’t say how much, for the little time I’ve known Mr. Langridge’s work it has influenced mine. His comics are full of great sense of humor, incredible art work and a very enjoyable charm. And right now he’s working on The Muppet Show Comic Book for Boom! Studios, which kicks ass! I got to meet him at San Diego Comic Con this year and he’s a great humble guy, which just adds to the awesomeness that his work is.

I got same average of answers when I used to work at the book store… even the “crispy” one.

from Graphjam.com

from Graphjam.com

And the next video was brought to my attention by Mr. Kyle Stevens:

See you around for more Killing Boredom next week, and remember that Chapter 15 starts on Wednesday!