In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, just click HERE and then keep reading.

So. Problems bring solutions, and solutions bring opportunities, and here’s one for you!

We recieved (read: Sean recieved) the prints of the mini posters we’re going to sell. The thing is, the prints came of a bit too dark, so we are doing a second batch of prints with this problem fixed.

BUT, we’re NOT just throwing away these prints. Taking advantage of this little mishapping, we’re going to do a special sale for them!

Here’s the deal: All of these 25 prints will be singned and sketched by BOTH of us and they will only cost $10

Aaaaand, better yet, right now and until November 21st we ran out of them, we are taking pre orders of these prints. And what do you get if you pre order? Well, you get to chose which character from Same Apartment and from Wyliman you want us to sketch on the back of the print, instead of getting any random doodle we come up with of our characters!

So there you go! Just send Sean or me an e-mail pre ordering your print and asking which characters you want, and we’ll give you the paypal information! Simple-as-THAT!


PS: After the pre orders are over, the prints are still going to be available, as well, just send us an e-mail, so we can order more prints, now, all fancy looking with problems fixed.