Sooo… no actual Killing Boredom today, but more of an ego trip.

I don’t have the exact date when I started –but I have a rough idea that it was around this time– so since quite a while I decided that November 15 is the official Anniversary of Creation of Wyliman (the actual first appearance anniversary is on January 1st back on 2006).

It’s been 11 years now that I created the characters and let me tell you, I have the slightest idea where all that time went. I want it back, damn it!

But I can’t complain, it’s been a dream to work on something drawing related since I was a kid, and since I created Wyliman, to be one of the best at comics. I dunno if I’ll ever get to be one of the best, but so far, it’s been a blessing, and the fun, has just begun.

Also, just to stroke my ego a little bit, here’s some words from a reader of the comic that I can’t end to appreciate. Thank you “MoonDarter” on DeviantArt for your kind words (This is regarding Wyliman and Natalia’s relationship):

“Okay, I’ve been reading along for a while. I keep seeing Natalia and Wyliman and I have to ask myself: Just why is she attracted to him?

I mean, WM’s one of the bigger doofuses on the planet–he might not be #1, but you don’t have to turn the page to find him on the list–and Murphy pummels him like a speed bag. He’s usually unemployed. He’s an accident waiting to happen, and he never has to wait long.

Natalia, meanwhile, is pretty, smart, apparently in a good job, and nobody’s fool. And pretty.

This just doesn’t make sense.

So, I went to the Wyliman Web site and started reading from the very beginning, figuring I’d missed something. I had to stop a while at Page 34 (I read “I can’t believe you puked the kid back!” and had the giggles for several minutes) and at Page 70 (yes, Mackenn, I was drooling–did I mention Natalia is pretty?).

I eventually read right through to the current page. As I did so, the answer to Natalia’s fondness for the inept, sorry sad-sack that is Wyliman finally came into focus:

There is absolutely no possible rational explanation for it. It is completely and utterly without reason. :?

Fortunately, though, it’s touching at times, thanks to Natalia, and often hilarious, which Wyliman sees to in his inimitable fashion. (Well, I wouldn’t imitate him!)

So now I’m completely hooked, especially since there’s Andrea in the mix as well. I must read Wyliman. Carry on, Mario! And thanks!”

And now, something to embarrass myself about, here’s the very first page I drew of Wyliman, circa December 1998. If I didn’t have these pages still with me, I wouldn’t know how much I’ve evolved since. Someday, if I ever find the rest of the pages that are probably buried under tons of boxes and other papers, and I get the courage to do it, I’ll upload here the very first adventure of Wyliman.

Click to Enlarge:

I can't help but to laugh at this (rather than crying)

I can't help but to laugh at this (rather than crying)

Thank you very much to all the ones that have been there since the beginning, to the ones that came along the way and to the new friends that hopped aboard in this new phase of this comic, you can only blame yourselves.

Cheers for these and another 11…thousand more years of Wyliman!