Hey hey hey!

This week was crazy busy, mostly because I allowed myself (read: I got distracted easely by gluing myself to stuff (on purpose)) to miss several hours one day and screwed up the rest of the week’s schedule, still, I think I can get back on track this week.

Chapter 15 is almost ready, I just need to scan the last 10 pages, draw and color the cover and get the pin-up for it. So, almost like Chapter 14, the printed version will be available at the same time it finishes updating here.

Anyway, without further information to report:

The Comic Creator’s Alliance: Ok, I’m not pimping this because I’m on it, I’m on it and pimping it because I think is a great thing to be part of. I think I really don’t have anything else to say more than what miss Lorna Innes set up in there. I’ll keep you posted when the wallpaper is ready and you can donate for the cause.

I’m a superior being, and this chart proves it.


Jeff Davis’ first intermission is simply brilliant.

I know it’s kinda ridiculous to shift from a serious subject to one moronic “commentary” and a comedy sketch, but hey, that’s how I roll.

See ya next week for more Killing Boredom and all week long for more Wyliman comic goodness.