Hey Hey Hey!

Not much to report this week, work, work, work, but the Challenge thing is coming out great, this coming week it’s inking time, which has me pretty excited.

Aaaandthat’s it. Now to our Sunday business:

Indie Spinner Rack: The best podcast about independent comics! Charlito and Mr. Phil cover all from old classic to new comers, interviews and reviews. So if you wanna get interested in the world of independent comics and want your wallet suffert, the Indie Spinner Rack podcast is the way to go.

from Madame Blavasty Overdrive .com

from Madame Blavastky Overdrive .com

I’d pay the $650 JUST for the cassette!

That’s it for this week! Keep an eye out all week when Natalia finally wakes up, and next week for more Killing Boredom!