Nothing dramatic, really, and actually, I leave until tomorrow, but quite early, so no internet for me.

Anyway, just wanted to leave a quick note:

I’m going to another city tomorrow and I’ll be back on Friday afternoon-night-ish. I’m going to go to my mother’s presentation of her thesis so she can get her PhD (so if you want to leave a comment wishing her luck it’ll be greatly appreciated). So, obviously, I won’t be around tomorrow to post/promote when the new page is up, and it will be up, it’s already waiting in line.

Just wanted to let you know. And, if anyone is kind enough to take care of the promotion of the comic tomorrow, as well, will be greatly appreciate it. Abuse the “share” button.

And, as an update of sorts: I FINALLY did the cover for Chapter 15 (it’s a parody, if you guess it correctly, you get one signed copy of this issue for free), taking advantage of the trip and no internet distracting me, I’ll ink it and do the credits page illustration as well, plus, keep going with inking more and more pages from Chapter 16.

So that’s it for me! See you guys back on Saturday (I’m guessing I’ll be getting back home quite tired on Friday).