Hello there people!

On the weekly report part: I have all work done for issue 15 done now (I’ll post the finished cover tomorrow), I’m now just waiting to get the pin-up from this issue’s guest artists and it’s all good to go to the printer… well, not exactly, they need to fix some discount thing we had going on that isn’t there anymore, so this issue might be a little late, so sorry about that, I’ll keep you posted anyway.

I also would like to thank everyone that sent their good wishes to my Mom, I’m happy to report she approved her final test and now she’s a Doctor in Sciences (the official title), so that’s really awesome for her! funny thing, the son went to his mother’s graduation.

Anyway, now to business, I’ll leave the rest of my blabbering for tomorrow:

4 Player Podcast: My way to compensate that I don’t play videogames anymore, not because I don’t want to, but mostly because I don’t have money to buy them and I also prefer to spend my money in producing more comics. BUT, these guys don’t, and that’s awesome. The main reason I like this show is because, unlike other reviers of videogames, they are honest, they say things as they are, good or bad, plus, when they get sidetracked, it adds to the fun a lot! And, you can also check them live every night (around 10PM Central Time) at their Broadcast.

The world is less of a better place since Buck was gone.

Buck Naked and the Bare Bottom

I think this is one of the best group of musicians Claypool has put together:

Rock on!