So, yeah, I try yo keep the entirety of the website curse words free, but, seriously, this year had something wrong with it.

Even from the very beginning, starting in January, in the bookstore I used to work at, the changed the manager and the new “thing” that came in proved to be the perfect example of prepotency over compensation. This guy likes to always show off his “authority” because he need to compensate for (I’ll let you finish in any way you want, most probably, whatever you guess, it’d be true). But that turned out to be the fun part, for 7 months he kept trying to put me back in line and I kept ignoring him and doing the exact opposite of what he said. Needless to say, the section i was in charge of (Audio and Video), before I left, was at it’s peak. Also needless to say, he found every single possibility to get me out of there, and surprisingly he did, well, someone else did for him, he just took the credit for it.

Which turned out to be good, because I gain back my entire freedom and was able to make it more relaxed to this year’s San Diego Comic Con which was one of the most amazing times of my life. I got to meet a lot of people, between other people like me starting out their careers in comics as for a lot of professionals, and I got to hang out with some people I me there and turned out becoming friends.

I started this website back in October, so I don’t think there’s anything else to say there, it’s been great.

I developed a healthy obssesion (you heard me) with the band Devo.

December can suck it, tho. Suck it hard, and suck it long. From sometime now, the month I used to enjoy the most has turned out to be, progressively, the moth that, not I even hate, but want to never have to live through ever again. I know, I know, I as well wake up every morning when I was going to school, all 16 long years, hoping to arrive there and find the place burned to the ground. It never happened and same with this, December will never go away.

I’m glad, tho, I quit my job at the book store, it gave me a great time to spend with my mother, we enjoyed each other’s company for the last few months of her life and I’m very grateful about that. And actually both of us being active with we were working towards to and achieving it.

At least it was quick and my mother wasn’t suffering her illness for months.

Even if you know it, when you are finally aware that life is the biggest pile of unfair shit, it’s mostly the hard way.

So, I really don’t know what to say about 2009 besides what’s already expressed in the title.

For 2010, I just hope everything is just stuff to move forward, I want to, but whoever is responsible for the inner working of life, needs to be placed in a mental institution.

So cheers to all of you guys, I hope this coming year is filled with joy and happy times for every single one of you! Make the most out of it, enjoy what you have, don’t be greedy, appreciate the time with your loved ones and most of all, get your chin up, look and move forward.

Mario A~

PS: Remember we start the year with new Wyliman, so remember to come back tomorrow.