Hey there boys and girls.

Not much to report this week (next week it’s going to be news week, for what it seems), just that it’s so stupidly cold in here that my car’s engine froze and now it won’t start and I might have to take it to the shop, and that’s just the cherry of the pile of crap that’s been happening lately. Great way to start, 2010, you son of a b- Anyway, on the plus side. Issue 17 is going “fine”, a lot of interruptions on the way, but still good.

Now to the Sunday business. All of today’s internerd ramblings are provided by Mr. Neil John Lalonde.

Temporal Displeasure: It’s one of those draw daily challenges blogs, but in steroids and crack. Neil’s work is the perfect combo of absurdity, hyper active artwork, violence and humor, and boobs are present too. Check it out and bug him if he doesn’t post every single day.

Damn, this is true.

And some Mike Patton

with Danny Devito, JUST to make it more pleasant. Ahh, back in the day when MySpace had… well, SOMETHING.

Wanted to go with some music, but I couldn’t decide for just one song from him.

Anyway, as always, stay tuned all week for more Wyliman and next week for more Killing Boredom.

Mario A.~