Hey hey hey!

Soooo… crappy week, really really crappy week, 2010 seems to not be wanting to give me a break already, and nexy week it’s going to be complicated one as well, but at least it seems it’s the finally steps to get all solved around here. This Friday was one month since my mother passed away, like I said at one moment, oh time, you mercyless mistress. Time moves on and so must we.

Aaaanyway, now to our Sunday business.

Yesterday (with the company of Señor Juanele) I had the enourmous pleasure of meeting Mr. Mike Hartigan, an awesome cartoonist from New Zeland. I really like his work, it’s really fluid and dynamic, and now that I got the chance to see his sketches, I admire him more. Plus, he’s one heck of a nice guy, so that’s awesome. You can also check out his work at his DeviatArt account.

And I got this awesome Wyliman drawing from him:


Click to Enlarge

And on something not related, let’s save the planet with George Carlin:

Hopefully this coming week I’ll have news about Issue 16 of the comic being available for sale. So keep an eye on the blog here, an eye everyday for a new page and and eye for next Sunday’s Killing Boredom (yeah, I realize you gotta have 3 eyes to do that, so grow another one).

Mario A.~