Hey hey hey!

It’s finally here, Issue 16 is now COMPLETE! (well… almost, I’m still missing the credits page, but, I’m working on it right now), so it should be goint to the printer tomorrow and hopefully, like last time, it’ll be available for sale during the next week. SO STAY TUNED!

Anyway, here’s the cover and pin-up fo this issue:

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

The colors for the cover were provided by Mr. Sean Pendleton, of the Same Apartment fame, and the Pin-up was provided by one of my favorite cartoonists, Mr. Waldemar Lene Chaves.

Something I did not tell you so far is that this particular story is not from my own inspiration or soemthing that happened to me, it’s an adaptation (used with permission) by a story told at the Indie Spinner Rack podcast by Charlito and Mr. Phil. Since I heard that story on the show I knew it had to be a Wyliman story, it fits perfectly in their world.

Mario A.-

PS: Life still doesn’t give me a break, by the way.