It’s that time again!

I had a little review of this week to start of this post, but never mind, the week has been so awful it’ll look like I’m just whinning for no reason, and we’re here to make you guys have nice time.

Anyway, for this week:

Golden Age Comic Book Stories: Ok, so the whole site is an amazing bowl of candy, it has really curious, interesting stuff related to comics from the golden age (kinda self-explanatory from the title, huh?) but not only that, it also has those old time painted movie posters, old toys, and hey, it even has a post of paintings and illustrations of Gustav Klimt, I’m not really a fan of his paintings, but the black and white illustrations are great! It has a wide range of variety from old time stuff, especially (excuse my while I turn once again into my alter-ego, Captain Obvious), comic books. This website is a must, trust me.

And if you’re kinda doubtful, just check this Windsor McCay illustration:

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

And to bring you to the present, with a guy that draws like one of this great old masters, here’s a clip from a Tony Millionare cartoon:

Aaaand there you go! See you again next week for more Killing Boredom and all week for more Wyliman!

Mario A.~