Greetings humans!

No big news this week, Issue 16 is available now, but only in Spanish, that’s why I didn’t announce it before untill both editions are up, hopefully this week I’ll post when it’s there (I still don’t know why they only uploaded one, tho).

Anyway, up to our Sunday business:

Comic Geek Speak: If you work (or used to work) at a comic book store or you are frequent to one, you’ll feel right at home with this guys, it’s a podcast that reminds you of those long fun conversations you have about comics with a good group of  friends. And if you ahve drifted from the joy of comics, or are new to the medium, this guys will make you excited about going to the store again. What do this guys ahve to do with speed? Well, they pump out 5 podcasts a week, plus, their regular spin off shows.

This always cracks me up. From the fastests man in hte business.



Stan Sakai sketching Usagi. Man, I wish I could have that precision and while being that fast.

You know how it works! See you during the whole week!

Mario A.~