Greetings everybody!

Just two quick reminders before our usuals: THIS and a reminder that the story of Chapter 16 was based on a story as told by Charlito and Mr. Phil from the Indie Spinner Rack podcast, on THIS episode (the story starts at minute 3:20).


The Meek: Not that it needs any extra promotion by now, but if by any chance you don’t know this comic yet , go read it, love it. It’s a really great told and drwan strory and it has the extra of having a really great person behind it producing it.

It’s just…

His Parents Hated Him

And this is one of the many reasons I love 4 Player Podcast

That’s it for now. This coming week Chapter 17 starts, adn this one has been a fun one to do since, so far, I been ahving NO idea of what it’s going to be about, so stay tuned!

Mario A.~