Greetings humans!

Nothing much to report this week, BUT, be on the look for news coming up next week, one isn’t about me or the comic, but still worthy of your attention. Anyway, to today’s business:

Kate McElroy: I really don’t know what to say about her work, just that it’s one of the most mind blowing artists I’ve ever met and get a chance to talk to, which makes the whole thing more awesome (AND she is way too awesome as well). OK, enough butt kissing, the reason of pimping her this time is, she’s updating her comic Chainsmoke every Tuesday, this is a one shot introduction of her massive-EPIC graphic novel she has prepared to blow your minds to the next galaxy, so keep a close eye to her and her work, I bet my own career that she will kick ass and take names in the business once editors get a hold on her.

And as a proof of it:

Chainsmoke Ohlie Day p01

And in something that has nothing to do with the above, Happy Valentine’s Day, nerds (Happy Singles Awareness Day for the rest of ya’ll).

**You’ll have to click on THIS ONE, I couldn’t find a way to make this one work to play it here.**

That’s it for me this week, you know how it goes the rest of the week, so take care people!

Mario A.~