So, the great miss Liz Baillie needs YOUR help! But I’ll let her be the one to descrive what’s going on:

So as you might know, printing books is expensive. For someone like me, it is rather prohibitively expensive as the cost of printing 1000 copies of a 96-page graphic novel will run me about $2500, which I don’t have. Currently I have the first three chapters of my webcomic, Freewheel, all drawn and ready to go. I will have chapters four and five done by March 2010. I would like to collect the first five chapters into a book at that time, so to raise the money for that I’ve decided to hold a virtual fundraising campout!
Be sure to check out the campout page for full details, but essentially the idea is that you get all kinds of special stuff based on the amount of money you give. With the lower levels you get stuff like signed copies of the book, or a small print, or original art. With the higher levels you can get goodies like original pages from the book, you get to name a character, or even have your own face drawn into the book! Yes, it’s kind of like that Kickstarter thing you keep seeing people doing, except I’m doing it myself instead of using a third-party service!
All funders will receive email updates every two weeks!
All funders will be personally thanked in the book!
All funders will receive a personalized certificate by mail indicating their name and level of funding!
Even if you can’t afford to help out financially, you can help spread the word! Let people know about the Freewheel: Volume One Fundraising Campout! Every little bit helps!

Still, don’t forget to check out the different ways you can help at the virtual campout page and the different levels you can reach thanks to your help. As Mayor of Hobotown I COMMAND YOU!

Mario A.~