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OK, there’s a little change of format with this week’s Killing Boredom, it’s basically me ranting about one subject.

Anyway, let’s start with the worst of it all:

So as you can see, this is the bastard, meth induced, mutant child of the live action Chun-Li and Dragon Ball Z movies (and yes, even as lame as the first Street Fighter movie was, at least they nailed most of the outfits right or they got quite close).

I don’t know what to think of this, I know you gotta appeal to the younger audiences, but really? I mean, it’s not like there’s something worthy in there anyway, and you can’t kick in the crotch the hard core KoF fans like that.

ESPECIALLY with the outfits. And I don’t even mean the Mai one, and as a big a perv I am, I agree, the outfit sucks and that girl is hot, but she can’t fill the suit, if ya know what I mean. I go more to complain about the Mature and Vice outfits, especially Vice’s. Maybe I’m bias because I LOVE the design of Vice, it’s elegant and sexy, so how hard it’s to deliver this:

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Seriously, you can go to Sears and find the damn outfit in there, I’ll pay for it, damn it, just get it right!

I won’t even complain about the, what seems to be, story, because to this point, the story has turned in such a whole mess in the games themselves anyway, it useless to try to follow it. So much that in the latest game (KoF XII) they didn’t even bother to put a story.

I don’t get it, if she’s a reporter from the US, why she speaks in a heavy Asian accent?

And that’s another thing: the franchise seems to be wanting to destroy itself from every angle. Let’s say new comers and fans go both to see the movie. The fans will be pissed anyway and go back and play all the 90’s games (and I even dare to say go back and play Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting, as atrocious as they were) and rant even more than me how they screwed up. The new comers will be driven away from the games anyway because of what it’s presented to them on the screen. But let’s say some get hooked and get interested in the games. Which one they’ll give a try to? The newest one would be a good starting point, someone might think. Well, not exactly. For me, and I’ll get yelled at for saying this, the best KoF game is XI. I was always a Street Fighter kind of guy (until SF3, which again, I’m going to get yelled at), but I love that KoF game, the animations are great, it’s less methodical and the fights are fun. This one (XII) is just a pain in the ass. The animations are beautiful, I’ll give them that, but the rest is just a poor washed down selection of characters, absolutely NO story going on (and not because it’s a mess, but because in fact, there’s no story in the game) and you finish the single player game in just 5 fights. No bosses, no secret special challengers, nothing. And the online multiplayer is the same thing, just slower. And what’s with this policy lately of no Mai in the games? I know she in XI, but you gotta unlock her before being able to use her as a character.

In a way it’s sad to see this fighting game going to the crapper, I’m not that fond of the older games because I’m yet to ge used to them, but when I was starting to like them, they do all of this.

Well, there’s always the good times.