Not much to report this week, Issue 17 is now with the printers and hopefully, soon enough it’ll be available for purchase, so stick around!

Now to our Sunday business, and I got an interesting one, I hope.

The Residents: Few bands really blow my mind from moment one. The Residents is one of them. And it’s not only about their music, which is the most eccentric, experimental and original stuff I’ve heard in my whole life, but their history, starting with, 40 years in the business, nobody knows who they really are. Their discography spans for over 40 albums, and those are just their main ones, and different eras, in which the band has strongly getting better, creating new material every year, and not just living of their 60’s stuff like some others. I could ramble on and on about them, but I’ll let you guys get immersed in the Residents universe, they’re equally fascinating musically and biographically.

From the Icky Flix tour

The Residents w/ Molly Harvey

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I had a hard time just choosing one video, so I went with this, a live performance in Oslo from the Demons Dance Alone tour, this is part 1 of 4, and I strongly recommend you watching the other 3 parts:

“An artist can only produce pure art when the expectations and influences of the outside world are not taken into consideration.” ~ N. Senada

That’s it for me this week, which was a sort of build up for the Killing Boredom I got you guys prepared for next week, so stick around!

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