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Finally after several weeks, I take some time to babble of just about THE BEST BAND EVER!

Primus: I stumble upon the band right around that time when you start getting sick of that crappy peppy commercial music in junior high (well, some of people do, other just keep going forever and that’s sad). The band was, and IS like nothing I’ve heard before (and as many of you know, in almost every issue of the comic (missing like two issues) there’s at least one Primus/Les Claypool reference in there). It’s really hard for me to really put it down into words the exact reason why I love the band so much, but it’s just this “connection” of their ideas, ways to approach their art, the stories they tell and the risks they take, and how I do all of that myself. But this is about them. All what every review of the band seems to focus is on the mastermind behind the band, Les Claypool, and yes, he is the driving force behind the band (and behind ’em many great projects), but, it’s a BAND, it wouldn’t be anything without the uber amazing work from Larry “Ler” Lalonde and Tim “Herb” Alexander (and when the time came, from Brian “Brain” Matia as well), who just are more depth and value to all the eclectic sounds this guys produce. With 10 albums under their wing, it’s a great band to get a great new musical experience. And remember kids, Primus sucks.

Tim, Les and Ler. Brain when he was with the Limbomaniacs and Trouz Cuevas, Primus’ road manager.


Les, Ler and Tim, circa 2003


And let the band talk about themselves… or something. 1998 interview in Germany, with Brain in the line up ( Here’s Part 2).

Primus on Letterman, 1995(ish?), around the time Tim left the band for a bit.

That’s it for today, I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do for next week, but then again, I never do. More news to come this coming weeks, so stick around.

Later days, Willie Mays!

Mario A.~