Greetings humans!

Just a pseudo quick note to let you know, if you are near the area of any of this shows, that I’ll be attending 3 conventions this year in the US.

First stop will be the San Diego Comic-Con, July 22 – 25. I’ll be there since the 20th and will be attending preview night on the 21st. Once again, I’ll be sharing the room with a mighty powerful group of people. So it promises to be one hell of a trip this year. I’ll keep you guys updated for any get together like the Drink and Draw thing, or any of that, and if not, let me know if you are going to be around and we can hang out or something.

Second is SPX (Small Press Expo), in Maryland on September 11 and 12. This one is the one I’m looking forward the MOST. As overwhelming and amazing SDCC is (and my third stop as well), I’m going to those cons as a mere mortal, walking around and meeting people, which is great, BUT,  I’ll be having a table for this show, so I’m already urinating my pants in excitement. I’ll be sharing the table with Miss Kate McElroy, so insanity ensues. Obviously, I’ll be selling copies of the first and second (coming soooooon) TPB of Wyliman, and probably whatever single issues I have available by then, and doing sketches and all that jazz.

And the third stop is the New York City Comic Con, on October 8 – 10. I really didn’t have this one in mind for this year (since I thought it was going to be in April or May like past years and I can’t move from Mexico until June), but, throught the invitation of Kate and letting me know this year’s dates, I’m all in for this show. This is my first time going to New York for whatever reason, so it promises to be a great time.

Anyway, that’s all for now, let me know if you plan to attend any of these cons or you just live near any of this locations and you can make some time to make me feel like someone cares, heheh.

Mario A.~