Aaaaand, we’re back!

Thanks for the suggestions given last week (either here or through other medium), but now let’s kick back to me telling you what to do (you know, like religion, the government, your parents when you are 40 and still live with them, your boss, and everyone else you know):

Fall on Me: I’m not a big fan of corny romance, but you won’t find out that here. It’s a comic strip that portrays those little moments that are worthy in a relationship. I would like to make a deeper review about this strip, but in the dawn of Adriana getting the first book ready to be published, you might wanna buy it and read what I think about the strip in there (*hint-hint*). And it’s also available in Español. Give it a try, it gives ME some sort of hope.

Bah, I’m already there, so I don’t mind.


Try to find words to defend this guy, I DARE YA!

This guy and the guy who married his videogame make me feel so good about myself.

That’s it! Now go and enjoy the day outside!

Mario A.~