Hey hey hey!

So, seems that nothing new an exciting was present to report, once again, this week, hopefully, something will come along next week or I’ll just post some random thing and justify my existence.

In the mean time:

InkStuds: The name is already a mighty one, but the show is even more. Conducted by Robin McConnel, it’s an intimate approach to today’s (and sometimes even veterans) talents from the independent comix (that’s right, the ones with the “x”) scene. This is the very first podcast I started listening and the one that started to develop a broader horizon on independent comics (plus, the one that started making my wallet hurt). Give it a try! McConnel really knows his stuff and so will you after hearing him.

I wouldn’t call talent acting the same way for the past ten years, but, it has a point:


A mighty song from an even mightier band:

And that’s it! Stick around next week for the comic, obviously, and to see if I come up with something to report so I don’t have 4 Killing Boredoms in a row.

Mario A.~