Well, we made it! One week without having more Killing Boredoms in a row, but, it’s Sunday again, so here’s your weekly distraction (by the way, I’m running out of websites to suggest to you, so (being redundant) suggestions are welcome):

Act-I-vate: The best group of webcomics creators, hands down. Collecting the industry’s more creative and inovative minds, Act-I-vate is a great source for ANY kind of story and art style you may (and even may not) be looking for. It has on their lines some of my favorite people in the medium, like Nikki Cook, Dean Haspiel, Roger Langridge and Shannon Wheeler, to name a few.

I can’t argue with this:



And, a little jewel, maybe too much California, but what the hell? it still sounds good (and, believe it or not, way back when, MIRV actually had hair, House was leading and Brain had an even smaller drum set):

That’s it for us today! You know how it goes from here 😉

Mario A.~