Greetings ladies and gentlemen!

So, we’re roughly a month away (if I don’t lose my work pace) to the launch of the second Wyliman trade paperback: “Good You and Thank Night”.

So I would like to ask all of you webcomicers (or artists, or writters or whatever (EDIT: This includes fans, by the way, sorry I didn’t specify it before)) out there if you’d like to write a short blurb/comment/shout out/mockery of my comic? The main idea is to have them printed in the back of the book.

I’m thinking of printing 10 of this little blurbs,but that mostly depends on space (could be more, could be less), so all I’m asking is a short comment for it, could be like a “tweet” long comment (140 characters), if you want to extend a little bit, it’s okay, if you want to say it in one word, it’s great as well.

And anything goes, you can comment about the comic itself, one of the characters, make fun of me, make fun of the book, whatever, as long as you mean it.

So there you go! If you are interested, please, send me your blurb to (the only reason I got that account is because it says ROCKET in there) with your name and link to your website/blog/portfolio/twitter/anything.

Thanks and cheers!

Mario A.~