Soooo, kinda of a different Killing Boredom this week, this was going to be a regular blog post, but, I’ll kill two birds in one shot with this one.


Awesome 2: Awesomer is the second anthology by the Indie Spinner Rack guys which features an amazing wide range of styles and narratives from the industry’s great talents as well as new comers. I read somewhere that one of the flaws of the anthology is that there isn’t a constant subject and all the stories bounce around on their own. Well, this certain reviewer seems that he never heard the podcast itself, because basically that’s the spirit of the Izzer and that’s what I like about this (and the previous anthology), the freedom Charlito and Mr. Phil gave to the authors to just run with their own ideas and create a great variety in the book. With a cover by Jeff Smith, a back cover Roger Landgridge and stories by Jeff Lemire, Ryan Dunlavy, Julia Wertz, Steve Hamaker and ISR’s own Charlito and Mr. Phil, between a LOT of other amazing artists, including a mini comic by various students of the Center for Cartoon Studies, this and the previous anthology are en essential to all independent fans out there. And the profits will be gone to grant a scholarship for a student of the CCS, so it’s all for a good cause, so support the goodness.

So that’s it for me today. Wednesday marks the beginning of Chapter 19, so stay tuned.

Mario A.~