More or less.

First of, an apology for not posting anything last week, didn’t forget about it, just need to remember WHEN I have to pay my phone bill (it didn’t help either that the phone company screwed up and left me with no internet the whole weekend).

Aaaanyway, I was thinking about doing this from some time now. I don’t browse through the internet as much as I’d like (not really), so the past few weeks it started to get harder and harder to come up with, not even interesting things to show you, but to come up with anything, and not just end up quoting “Fail Blog” all the time.

So, my solution? Kinda kill Killing Boredom by just chopping it into pieces and scatter them around. Kinda what Adam Gates does in the Madame Blavatsky Overdrive blog.

So it’s not gone forever, just pay attention to the blog every now or then to find some, hopefully, interesting stuff.

Sooo… since I can’t say “see you next week“, it’ll be more of a “see you around any day“, keep your eyes on the blog!

Mario A.~