Issue 20

So… about issue 20… yeah… I don’t even know how to start to apologize, but, there’ll be a delay with the printed version of this issue. I got all the files in line already; I just need to create the credits page and scan the cover and send them to the printer. But I got so sick and tired of all the pre-press work from putting together the second trade, that I wanted a little break from all that madness. I’m sending the files this upcoming week, so hopefully it’ll be up and available for you really soon.

Volume 2

Speaking of the second trade, it’s available now. It’s been like for a week, but I haven’t made the announcement yet because only the English version is ready, I dunno why they haven’t uploaded the Spanish version yet (since I sent them together). I’ll make the official announcement when both are ready, but in the mean time, and if you want to start getting your hands into that book, just follow this link (only $12.99 kids! Because we care about you).

Coming up

Next week, on Friday, after the conclusion of chapter 20, I decided to upload a short, sorta old story I did back in 2008. Yes, it’s a little bit of an excuse to get some extra days in my pocket since I’ve been working like a mad man lately to not get behind on my own schedule (in fact, the idea is that I get ahead as much as possible), but, as well, for other 2 reasons. 1. – I didn’t want that story to just get lost. I’m supposed to publish a trade in color for all the covers and pin-ups and little extra stories in color I ever get done, but until I have enough material for it, I might as well put some of that stuff here. 2. – This particular story, besides being in full color, was an interesting work process. It’s a 3 page story, but I only did 2 pages for it. A good friend of mine (who’s name I won’t say now since I don’t want to spoil the story yet) randomly drew a page featuring on of the characters of his web comic and he included a cameo of one my characters. So what I did was to write one page of how they coincide in that part and a following page of what happened next. It was a fun process and got me an excuse to work in color. Anyway, the excuse more than anything is to promote this friend’s web comic that’s coming up soon and all of you should check out.

On other, hopefully, quick news: My con schedule remains the same (that’s WHY I’ve been working like a mad man lately, I don’t want to come back from these cons and have my deadline on my ass), well, except for me and Kate having a table at SPX, we’re on the waiting list, but down enough on the numbers that we most certainly won’t get a table. But, we’ll be there. And speaking of SPX, I sent the second WM trade to the jury of the Ignatz Awards for it to be considered for nomination. I don’t have the illusion of winning one (although, I’d be nice) but, I’m confident that it at least can get nominated. I’m proud of that book, so I hope it gets the attention it deserves (hey, I need to be confident about my stuff once in a while, right?).

For the rest, I’m going to San Diego Comic Con (July 22 – 25), SPX (September 11 & 12) and New York City Comic Con (October 8 – 10), so, if you are going to be around any of those cons, and if you want, let me know and we can get together and you can tell me how much I suck (back to normal).

Mario A.~