So, we’re just about a week to start the madness that is the San Diego Comic Con International and Etcetera Extravaganza to Crap your Pants in Excitement!

Anyway, if you didn’t know by now, I’m going.

Will I suspend the updates on the website? Will I take guest strips to fill those spaces?

Of course not! What kind of scary little joint you think we are running here? In Wyliman Inc. we’re professionals and we care about you, and although I might be out having a good time breaking my bank account and hanging out with people that tolerate me more than 5 minutes, the comic WILL keep updating on it’s regular schedule. Although, if you’d be so generous to pimp the site while I’m out, it’ll be greatly appreciated. You can use the “Share” button, it’s way too easy and I’ll love you forever… or something.

Aaaanyway. Some people who are going to SDCC have asked me about meeting up and what not. I’ll be rolling around the con, so if you spot me, don’t be shy and say hi, and please, don’t throw bricks at me, my head can’t take them anymore. But also, and if you are old enough, I’ll be at the Drink ‘n’ Draw event, here’s all the information about it:

Copied from my friend Diana Greenhalgh:

This year’s San Diego Comic Con Drink and Draw is being put on by the Drink and Draw Social Club!

It’ll be Thursday the 22nd at Hennessey’s Tavern near the Convention Center – and this time we have the entire Main Room!!

708 4th Ave, San Diego, CA
Cross Street: The Tavern is at the corner of 4th Ave and G Street!

It starts at 8PM, so invite your friends! Other Drink and Draw Social Club Chapters are welcome too! We’ll also be debuting Volume Two of the Drink and Draw Social Club Book! Exciting stuff!


So now you know!

Also, I might not have many (since I’m giving away various copies to publishers and various professionals), but I WILL have copies from both TPBs of the comic available, so if we meet up and you want one, ya got ’em! ($12 per individual book or $20 for both, good deal, huh?)

Let me know if you are going and if you want to meet up and all that jazz!

Mario A.~