So, yeah, my scanner just died.

Ironically enough, it died like 20 minutes after I bought a new one. I finally got myself an 11 x 17 scanner, I was already sick and tired of having to scan every page 3 times and then put it together.

A good thing would have been if I bought the scanner here, but I bought it over the magic of the internet. And a good thing as well would be if they could ship it directly to me, but they didn’t have the option, so it’s getting shipped first to my editor in Florida and then she’s going to ship it to me. An actual good thing is, the scanner got shipped the same day I bought it, so it’s on it’s way now.

The bad thing in the middle of it all? That I think I might not upload anything until I get my new scanner. At least all the pages for Chapter 21 are already scanned and uploaded to the site (although, I’m considering changing the last pages to a Monday – Wednesday – Friday schedule for what’s left of the chapter, so I can buy me some time until the new scanner arrives and I start scanning like crazy and uploading new stuff again).

Yeah, I know, I know; “no excuses” and hey, whaddaya know? Here’s one. I know I have some options around it in the mean time, but alas, I’m a stubborn moron.

At least I know the new scanner it’s on it’s way to Florida already, so that’s good news, and this doesn’t mean I won’t be busting my ass producing new pages while it gets here, gotta keep plowing through those issues no matter what.

Sorry if there’s any inconvenience about this whole thing. Just wanted to let you know, guys.


Mario A.~