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So, new good and probably exciting things are coming the Wyliman way (including my new scanner so I can go back to M – F schedule, sorry about this little inconvenience once again).

I still owe you a SDCC review and all the cool probably good things that may come WM’s way regarding publishing. But for the purpose of what I want to talk about today, I’ll just limit myself to direct your attention to THIS POST of something that a group of people (including myself) went through at, not exactly THE con, but something related to the trip.

The moral of the story: Be careful with who you share a hotel room with when you go out to cons (or even just vacation trips and whatnot). It isn’t a bad thing or a “stab on the back” to your friends if you ask for a copy of the total of how much you are paying for a hotel room so you know your share is fair and you’re not being robbed. And it happened to me twice, by someone I considered a friend. You live and learn.

Why I’m sharing you this and how it’s related to this news I want to tell you? Well, this individual who organized the hotel thing, is part of Ronin Studios, group of creative people I was part of. Yep, *was*. After this happening, I wish to have no further relation whatsoever with this person, which means I’m leaving (or more properly, I already left) Ronin Studios.

I won’t lie, it was on my mind for a while now. Ironically enough, I was just staying there because of this person.

Yet, since I try to convey my work as professional as possible, I’m still stamping a logo on my books. This, in the mean time a publisher picks up WM, or I go on my own way and do the whole thing by myself.


Ergo Comix. The new label under which Wyliman will be published on from now on. It’s not an actual publisher, it’s just me having a name now for my stuff.

It, of course, comes from “Cogito Ergo Sum“, which is often translated as “I think, therefore I am“. But if you watched THIS talk by James Geary, you’ll know there’s a better translation to it, a translation that not only makes more sense to those 3 words, but that conveys a better conception of what I try to do with my work, and what more comics should be about: “I shake things up, therefore I am” or in this case “I shake things up, therefore Comics“.

I’d like to thank first my best friend Victor Maqueda, for the name that came out of a complete random conversation. And to Maritza Campos for helping me out testing and designing the logo.

So there we go. New name, new adventures to come. And so you can get an idea, here’s how it’ll look like (cover for issue 21):

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

Another important thing: From recent experiences and testing and due to the changes and economic “situations” of the world today (bleh, I know), Wyliman will still have single issues for the next 10 issues (21 – 30), but since everything is pointing towards that way, and thinking ahead that I might have to be in charge of the publishing of the books (although, a publisher is always welcome to help me out *wink-wink-puppy eyes*), I might get rid off the idea of doing single issues and jump right ahead into doing the TPBs. It’d be basically the same: ten chapters per book, 26 pages per chapter.

So there you have it. Every time I come back from San Diego Comic Con I get this new ideas to keep pushing and improving my work in all regards.

Duty Now For The Future” – DEVO

Mario A. ~