Alrighty, new structure to this!

So, originally I said they’d run on Sundays, and I might as well keep that going, but, after some commentaries I’ve received, this sounds a bit better of an idea:

I’ll run the guest strips AFTER every chapter ends, that way you’ll get a bit of a breather in-between episodes before the new one starts. So, in that sense, I’ll “always” be looking for guest strips. So don’t feel bad if you didn’t make it for an specific chapter break, there’s always a next one!

You can do your strips as, well, strips, or full pages. They can be black and white or full color. It can be a single page/strip or you can do a mini-story. Feel free!

So there you go. If you are interested in doing a guest strip, send me an e-mail to


Mario A.~