On it’s printed version, that is.

So yeah, one of the things I forgot about while stepping out from Ronin Studios was that, on the single issues, there was an ad for the “up coming” projects from the studio. Now, out from there, I have that page to be filled on in the comics.

That’s where YOU come along.

I think the idea is quite simple. If you have an ad (or want to create one) and want to see it printed on a Wyliman comic. So you just need to send it to me. Here are the few specifications:

– It should be in Black and White.

2100 x 3150 it’s dimensions.

– I receive ads both in Spanish and/or English.

Bonus points for the people creative enough to make a “silent” ad that can fit both versions (of course, naming your website/name of the book)

And that’s it! Quite easy, huh? So if you are interested, just send me your ad with the specifications above mentioned to wyliman@rocketmail.com and I’ll be sure to print it in one of the issues (they’ll be obviously published in the order they arrive).

Oh, and forgot to mention, this is free of charge, you don’t have to pay me or anything to have your ad in there. Free publicity people!

Mario A.~ (The “A” is for “Awesome”)