Hey hey hey!

The moment is getting close. The excitement builds up fast. SPX is almost here! I’ve been wanting to go to this show for like 4 years already, and I finally can this year. I’m more excited to go to this show more than any other show, that includes SDCC (which was awesome, but come on, this is my scene).

Anyway. Just as a reminder (in case you still remember that I said I will), I won’t have a table for the show. Kate and I sent kinda late the money to be able to get a table and we missed our chance. We were on the waiting list, but so far behind that it was obvious we weren’t getting one anyway.

As well, because I think I never said it here, “Good You and Thank Night” wasn’t picked up to be nominated for an Ignatz award. Kinda had my hopes up for that one. Still, now I know that with the proper motivation, I can pull out a book in a good time span. And, it also motivates me to work harder this year to try it again next year.

I’m leaving to Maryland on Thursday morning (VERY early in the morning *grumble*) and I get back home Monday night. So, it’ll be basically the same deal as when I went to SDCC, I won’t be here, but the comic will be. The site will update on time and continuing the story. And since trips like this are my escape from the internet, I won’t be able to do some proper promotion to the site, so once again, I ask you if you could please help me out with that (the “share” button is your friend).

That’s t for now. Expect a review for this one, since I’m already pissing my pants in excitement and I’m not there yet.

Mario A.~