Hey there!

I’ll try to do this in some degree of order of appearance.

Issue 22 (and further issues) on print: So, after reading the SPX/Ignatz Awards (and other awards) guidelines for submitting a website and a printed version of comics, I’m changing a bit the schedule of the printed versions of the comics. Not too drastic, and even as much as I like the printed version to come out before the story finished here, as well, I want to have more bases covered for this kind of things. So the printed version will appear after the story finishes here, hopefully, right around the exact same week, just some days apart. But, in fact, the issues will still be on print.

24 Hour Comic Book Day: I’m doing it this year. This will be my first time and I’m really excited about it. More because this is going to be an actual issue of the WM series, so it’s not just going to be 24 pages, but 26. The idea, besides the main idea of the even, is to do my comic in said 24 hours, but if I don’t, I’ll keep going until I finish. It will be this next October 2nd, and I’ll start at the beginning of the day, midnight to midnight (thanks to Alec Longstreth for the suggestion).

Another things to point out from this: I’ll do a live broadcast during the whole thing. That’s right, 24 hours with ME. Don’t you just want to kill yourself already? Anyway, some people interested in doing the challenge and myself are still trying to figure out if we all participate together in a certain placeand whatnot, regardless, if YOU are participating (and I hope you do), first, let me know, but as well, from time to time it’d be cool to have conversations via Skype during the event. Close to the day, I’ll share more details about it as I know what’s going on with the rest of the people here interested in doing this.

New York City Comic-Con: October 8, 9 and 10th. I’m going. You going?

Issue 30: Yes, I’m that far ahead. Well, more or less. I’m actually working on that issue right now. The reason is, after SDCC and having the enormous pleasure of talking to Mr. Michael Zulli, I got inspired to do this uber detailed comic. Like really nailing down everything perfectly in each panel. Not satisfied with this, after SPX and watching Kate’s work and just hanging out with her, I got inspired as well to do this particular issue as well, in full color. But not nancy panties digital coloring, but actual traditional coloring. That includes color markers and colored pencils. I’d do watercolors as well, but then again, I suck at them. So anyway, I’m starting to work on this issue now because I want it to be perfect, and that takes time, so I’m taking a lot of it with it. I’ll post previews, color tests and what not whenever I start having them.

For now that’d be it! Busy times for me, and that’s perfect.

Take good care of your lovely selves.

Mario A.~