The day is almost here! And as a reminder, I’m doing it this year. And not just doing it and seeing what happen, but YOU’LL get the chance to see it happening as well! During the 24 hours I’ll be broadcasting the whole thing live over at my Ustream Channel (also, I’ll be doing hourly updates at my tweeter feed). And as well, from time to time, I can take calls via Skype (My nickname over there is Wyliman, pretty imaginative, huh?). Also, this will be an official Wyliman issue, it’ll be chapter 24 on the series.

This will take place on Saturday October 2nd, and I’ll do it during the exact length of the day, from midnight to midnight.

I’ve seen some people are going to do it, I’ll like to share some wisdom that was shared to me by a 24 Hour Comic Pro, Mr. Alec Longstreth:

Why midnight to midnight?: I’ve seen some people saying they’ll start early in the morning, or at noon or something like that. The problem with this is that you finish, let’s say, at noon the next day, and the only thing you want to do is to go to bed, so basically you just waste that whole day in sleeping. Doing it midnight to midnight means that, yeah, you might start a bit tired (although, the previous day, do nothing tiring, take a lot of naps, just prepare for the challenge) but when you finish at midnight, you go straight to sleep and wake up at a decent hour the next day like regularly. Also, it helps to be a good mark of your progress (at 10AM you should be at your tenth page and so).

Energy drinks or sorts: I in general dislike energy drinks. I might, MIGHT, get some coffee at some point. The problem with this, for me at least (because different people react in different ways to them) is that energy drinks and coffee get me so hyper I can barely concentrate or stay put, so this means wasting time I could use to draw. With that said, I’ll have crazy amounts of soda.

The Gaiman and Eastman variations: Basically there’s 3 ways to do this. The regular one (or let’s call it the (Scott) McCloud variation), which is to do, in fact, 24 pages in 24 hours (or less (hours)). The (Neil) Gaiman variation is to stop right on the 24th hour mark, whether you have the 24 pages or not. And the (Kevin) Eastman variation, which is to not stop working until the 24 pages are done, even if you passed the 24 hour mark. I’m sure as hell not taking the Gaiman variation, but I dunno which one it’s going to happen, it all depends on my speed, especially because I plan to do 26 pages in said 24 hours. We’ll see.

And I guess that’ll be it for now. This is my first year trying it and I’m really pumped about it. You should try it too some time! Or at least, be sure to stop from time to time on the live stream to check if I’m still alive or not.

So see you there! And let’s see what happens.

Mario A.~