So, I woke up like 20 minutes ago. That doesn’t have to do with anything, just wanting to share.


I made it! I completed the actual challenge, not my personal one, but the challenge itself. The official record says that it were 24 pages in 23 hours and 40 minutes.

This has been the most gratifying, satisfactory, painful and brain wracking, all together, experience so far in my life. I was really awesome.

I was warned about hour 17, although, to me, was hour 16, when you basically start thinking “what the hell am I doing? I should just bail!” but after a good ol’ shower I was back in action.

My mind is still not here yet, so I just want to point out some stuff:

I’ll do this again next year. Heck, I might as well do one each year, behind all the problems, it’s a lot of fun. I’m more prepared for a next time, especially in the “eating more regularly” department. I know now some dos and don’ts regarding what to eat at which hour, and to totally not get any coffee next time. I guess I’ll try it next time on smaller pieces of paper, but I felt quite comfortable working on my regular 11×17 pieces of paper. And timed properly, I can finish each page with enough time to take a little break between them. I even got to take a one hour nap in the middle of the whole thing. I also know now that I can do some decent brush inking even with the time limit.

I would like to thank everybody that went to the live streaming of the event and helped me out encouraging me. Also, special thanks to Kate McElroy for sticking around and talking to me over at Skype during the event, while she was doing her 24 hour comic herself. And to my best friend Victor for bringing food, you saved me, dude.

As promised, you’ll get to see this comic, you’ll just have to wait for chapter 23 to wrap up.

That’s it for now. The challenge was met. Now I think I’m heading back to bed for a while.

Thanks to you all!

Mario A.~