On my “please make it stop” (nor really) on going trips to the everywhere, I’m going to Orlando this time. And now it’s a vacation trip. No chasing around publishers, no cramped aisles filled with fellow geeks. Just mere relaxation. And maybe some work (yeah, I’m THAT obsessed).

Anyway, I’ll be gone from the 23rd to the 29th (of this month, duh!). I’ll have access to a computer while being there, so I’ll be promoting the comic somehow, but, as always, I ask you guys the favor to help me out with that as well.

I’ll be staying with my editor for the English translation, Christine Humiston, so finally the two forces that bring you this comic will be together. I expect the fabric of reality with rip and demons will come out for breakfast. And I’ll also meet up with Madeleine Flores, which makes me believe not only reality itself will rip, but the world as you know it will change entirely with awesomeness (dinosaurs will be back, basically).

Anyway, that’s all for now, I haven’t even pack anything yet.


Mario A.~