I have a bit of news about the world of Wyliman and here they are:

The 30 issues in one volume hardcover:

After thinking about it and considering I was already pushing the boundaries of Ka-Blam’s page limit for TPBs (and yeah, both the guys at Ka-Blam and myself wanted to push those boundaries) with just the pages of the comic itself, I decided to go only with 25 issues being collected in that book. The reason is that, let’s say I go with the 30 issues book, it’d a) ONLY be the comics and b) it might work for a while, but thinking long term, and maybe it won’t show in testing and whatnot, but maybe later on such a big ass book will fall apart. Ka-Blam used to have a page limit of 800 pages for TPBs and recently switched to 760. There’s gotta be a reason for that (besides the trimming the told me about). The book would be 784 pages of just comics, which is great, but if you are going to invest $34.50 in a giant book, might as well have some bits of extras. So, now with the 25 issues (654 pages) I feel more comfortable adding some cool extras in it (some sketches, a step by step on how I work pages, etc…)

*Bit of news about this subject above:

As I’m writing this and logged into the Ka-Blam site to calculate a tentative price for the hardcover, they have run into problems with their hardcovers service and are not currently providing it. So, when news about them opening up again the service, I’ll have news about this collected edition. Still, the plan remains it being 25 issues plus extras.

Volume 3:

I gotta plow through to get this one done on time!! And what’s “on time”? Well, it’s been confirmed now that I’ll have a table for CGS’ Super Show! It’s going to be my first convention as an exhibitor, so I’m pretty excited to say the least. But back to the book. Super Show is happening on April 30th/May 1st, and I want to debut the third TPB “Mustard Flavored Toothpaste” at the show, so, that means I gotta have the book ready at least on April 10th, so that basically gives me 4 months to get 5 chapters done. I think I can successfully pull it off, so I’m not that worried, but as well, I really need to sit down and work really hard to get it done.

Issues 22 – 25:

Yeah, I know, I know! But hey, I have 4 months to draw 5 issues, cut me some slack! They are getting done and put out, I promise, I just need to either find time to do it or find someone who can help me out putting the files together and whatnot.

Con season for next year:

As mentioned, I’ll be attending Comic Geek Speak’s Super Show in Pennsylvania on April 30th/May 1st. I’m attending San Diego Comic Con, just as an attendee. July 21 to 24. And as well, I’m going to Small Press Expo, right now, and since I don’t want to jinx it as last year, as an attendee as well, but, both Kate and myself have our check ready to go to register for a table for the show. So we’ll see. This is going to be September 10th and 11th.

Issue 26:

Since I wanted to do this for a while now and taking the excuse as well of the 25 issue collected book, I’m going back to try to play around more with my art. I’ve been neglecting that a little bit because of having to plow through pages to meet my dead line. I’m excited for this.

Speaking of changes in my art work:

This is how Natalia will look like from now on:

natAnd that’s all for now

Later days, Willie Mays!

Mario A.~