You know the song

So hey! This Monday we’re BACK to our regular schedule!

Thanks so much for the wait. Updating daily and almost daily for the past two months eat up my little buffer I had of pages already done, so I took the opportunity this week to start the year full charge and draw a lot, and now I’m up to my personal schedule (plus, gotta kick as much ass as possible to get the 3rd book before April).

Also: I had this thing updating on my deviantart page of doing some sort of countdown of how many pages and issues I have left to do to reach my goal with this comic, so I thought about putting it in the footer of each blog entry I do here since I kinda update constantly here. So, what do you think? Are you interested in seeing that, or is it too much?

And last but not least: and because I didn’t want to wait until Sunday, how about Wyliman’s nifty first guest strip, huh? It’s been sitting on my e-mail for a bit now, but I couldn’t wait anymore, so hope you enjoy it! Thanks to Mr. Hoisington for it!

Mario A.~