This is important.

This is the most coherent “comics diversity awareness” video/rant I’ve seen/read so far.

You can quote the Robert Kirkman “manifesto” video or the Tony Harris rant/whining on Twitter. But Kirkman is in the safe zone now, and as much as I agree with him in everything he said, any book they put his name on, must likely will sell, he doesn’t have to struggle as much to sell his book unlike people like me and other independent creators who barely make the cut. And Tony Harris, well, he’s just one big ironic case, so I’ll leave that alone.

Still, this, all 3 examples, are still important. The chance and move forward of this medium is in both sides.

Us as independent creators, this day and age, have an incredible opportunity of showing the diversity we can create in this medium. We are not limited anymore to the “Two Big Companies” for us to work at, there are a lot of smaller ones now, and still, there’s the opportunity of you going solo. If this medium is going to take the next step forward, it’s because of us.

And yes, Superhero comics ARE part of the medium, but they are not the only thing out there (and I know THE goal (or A goal) for many creators is to write and or draw THAT Batman or Spidey or whoever-in-spandex story, including myself) and that’s where YOU, the audience come in.

Every now or then, give a chance to an independent comic, and share it with your friends. If you are not sure, ask anyone you know who reads independents to suggest you something that might be right up your alley. Go to your local comic shop, check the Previews Catalogue and order one or two from the back of the book. It’s not a difficult task and you never know what gem in the comics industry you’ll find and enjoy.

Take a chance, both sides, and this medium will be a better one.

Mario A.~

PS: Also, check this two episodes from Comic Geek Speak where they discuss, mainly, the Tony Harris incident.

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