Since some of you might not know, I’ll explain a little bit:

Back in October, at New York City Comic Con I met the guys of Comic Geek Speak. They organize a con called Super Show to which I’m attending as a guest this year. Anyway, back then, I had this idea and I even told them, that I wanted to debut Volume 3 of Wyliman (collecting issues 21 to 30) at Super Show.

Guess I bit more than I could chew.

I’ve been working nonstop the past 2 months to do the work of 5 months in only 3 (the book was originally due to the end of May). And I can do it, hands down, no problem. At least, no problem in actually getting it done, but that involves a LOT of stress (and I was already freaking out) and health issues. AND, as well, the very end of the book would look horrible.

So, it came down to: I either get the book by the beginning of April, or get the book done right.

I chose option numero dos. I feel more relaxed now and more confident, I was NOT enjoying working like that.

I’m still disappointed at myself, to be honest, I feel like I completely failed to myself and to a lot of people. Especially to a few people attending Super Show that are expecting that book there (to which I’ll contact to compensate for this), which they’ll get, it’s theirs, it’s just gonna be a couple of weeks late.

Still, the book will be finish by the end of April. Working like a maniac actually helped to get a lot of work done before hand, so it’s not all that bad. And like I said, I prefer to give it my best and deliver a good looking book on time, than going the Bryan Lee O’Malley route and only draw two panels per page with tons of text and little variation in the drawings, by doing a rush job.

Thanks for understanding and I don’t mind if at any point reading this you shouted “LAAAAAME!”.

Mario A.~