Took me some days to post this.

Anyway: HOPE: The Hero Initiative is finally out! And I urge you to get this book. I’ll tell you why you should get it after I tell why you should REALLY get it.

All the profits of this book will go towards the Hero Initiative, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to create funds to help the old school comic book veterans in need. You can read here for more detailed information about it. Via buying this book or helping in another way, the Hero Initiative is a great way to say “Thanks!” to all those creators that laid the road for all of us to be here today. And you ever know when in the future you might need a bit of a helping hand, the Hero Initiative will be there for you.

Ok, so, the second reason why you should get this book: I’m in it!

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This is a 8 page story written by Troy Wilson, illustrated by yours truly and colored by Ivan Victoria and Jose Balanzario. A bit of a trivia thing: We finished this pages two years ago. I tend to be critical of my work that when I finish a chapter of my comic, I come back to it, read it and I find 3 million things I sucked at. I gotta say, I LOVE how these pages turned out. Yeah, there’s bits that I could have improved a bit, but over all, I really can’t complain about them. And it’s a really fun story with a nice message.

So now you know! Go and pester your comics retailer to get a copy for you (Diamond code: DEC101038)

Help a great cause, get a great book and hey, it’s my first published work ever on print outside of Wyliman, it’s gotta worth something!

Later days, Willie Mays!

Mario A.~