Blame Mortal Kombat and the flu for me posting this until today.


Man, I had the best time there, it’s a really nice, mellow, friendly show to be at. I’ll definitely do it again next year.

As I mentioned before, this was my first show as an exhibitor, and I basically did it on my own, and for the set up of my table, it was kinda hard to turn and talk to my neighbors.  Not complaining, made me be on my game all the time).

Well, almostish…

Saturday was a bit tough for me because by that point I was awake around 48 hours and I was about to pass out, thankfully, the excitement of being there pulled me through. The first couple of hours I was that shy little fella hiding behind his table, saying hi to anyone that noticed my existence. But, reason came to my head and I started to be more active, talking to people about what I do and the comic, handing my business card and what not.

Sunday was basically that but all day long.

Again, this is my first show with a table, but, the cool thing was, not only the feeling of community at the show itself, but later on in the night, hanging out with everybody at the bar gave this awesome vibe to the whole thing. Everybody talks to everybody, there’s no egos floating around.

Sales wise it was a decent show, but then again, really nobody knows who I am and they were all new to my work. I very much appreciate all the people that wanted to give my book a chance and bought one of the TPBs or one of the single issues. Or just stopped by, talked to me and took my business card. Hopefully next year they’ll come back and give one of the books a chance.

It was a really awesome experience and I can’t wait to be there again. And now, looking ahead for SPX! (Well, SDCC is technically next, but I won’t have a table there).

My table display.

Special thanks and hugs and kisses to: Charlito LaGreca, Jeff LaGreca, Mr. Phil, Richard Miller, Fred Chao, GB Tran, John Price, Rebecca Issacs, Fred Van Lente, Monica Gallager, Dennis, Comfort Love, Adam Withers, Danielle Corsetto, Rick Deemer, Jim Demonakos, Kyle Stevens, Jeremy Bastian, Kat Rocha, Josh Finney, Michael Colbert, Andy Jewlett, Gavin Smith, the cab driver who took one hour to pick me up, everyone who came by my table and shared a little talk, everyone who shared a little talk at the bar, and of course, uber mayor thanks to the CGS crew, Bryan Deemer, Peter Rios, Adam Murdough, Shane Kelly, Pants, Jamie D, Kevin Moyer, Matt (who’s last name always avoid me) and Mike Gallagher.

Mario A.~