Is that time again, when little blog posts I wanted to do compile in a big one.

Issue 25:

I know, I KNOW! I completely failed in keeping my promise. This one took way too long (and it’s gonna keep like two more weeks) to come out. The files are FINALLY on it’s way to the printer. So yeah, there’s going to be a printed version of issue 25, and when it comes out I’ll let you guys know. But, that brings me to my next topic:

The death of the single issue:

Notice how I just mentioned issue 25 and not 25 – 28 that are the ones in queue to be printed? Well, that’s because I made the decision to stop producing single issues in a regular basis. 25 is going to be the last one of the series printed periodically. I’ll print special issues from time to time (like chapter 30, but we’ll get to that in a moment), but not in single format anymore. I know this might upset a couple of people, but the time invested in them is not being payed off as I would like to. I gotta be realistic, and let me compare myself to the big guys here for a second: single issues are struggling for sales these days, more people are now waiting for the TPBs. And, in a way smaller scale, I’m seeing this. The single issues of Wyliman are not selling almost at all, and I get better sales from the trades. So… I think it’s pretty logical. So, issue 25 will be the last one (besides scattered issues of special events in the story).

Chapter 30:

I am EXCITED about this one! It’s kinda of a throw back to Chapter 8. It’s complete weirdness in a strange world. I don’t want to say much, you’ll see what I mean. What I can say is that this particular chapter will be updated slower than my regular schedule. The reason being is that I’m really taking my time to write, layout, and draw this one. Not that I don’t do that from all my work, but this one I’m aiming like 10 levels above my standard (to this date). Just keep this in mind, I’m taking Michael Zulli, Jeremy Bastian and Juan Diaz Canales & Juanjo Guarnido’s Blacksad as inspiration and reference material for this chapter. So, just this one time (until I come up with a crazier idea) the comic will update on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

And that’s not all!:

The website updates and the TPB will get the black and white version of this story. The mighty fine thing is that a special FULL COLOR (hand colored, mind you) printed version and PDF version will be available for sale (as soon as that part of the job is done, of course). Both versions will have additional material, like pin-ups and production process. Just as a teaser, this is how page uno looks like:

Click to enlarge

TPB Volume 3:

Coming out next month! Yay!


Stay tuned to the blog next Wednesday (June 1st) when a contest will be announced where you could be part of the Wyliman universe. So stick around!

And that’s basically all for me now. Looking forward to a lot of things. I just wish I had enough time to do them all peacefully. Then again, there’s no thrill in simple things.

Mario A.~